... to help them generate more revenue, create highly collaborative cultures, and deepen client loyalty. 

In the summer of 2017, after more than two decades of providing training and coaching to thousands of lawyers in hundreds of law firms world-wide, I realized it was time for something new. The idea for Cross Serving™ was born after reading a review of the book SuperBetter, which extols the virtues of gamifying one's life. In a flash, I understood that by blending gamification and technology with my life's work, I could automate the business development coaching process, and transform more lawyers into great rainmakers at lower overall costs.

The result is Cross Serving™, a new breed of technology that actively guides lawyers toward becoming exceptional rainmakers, without the need for human-led training and coaching. This electronic coaching platform automatically supports their efforts to increase cross-selling revenue, deepen client relationships, encourage greater collaboration, and grow their personal books of business.