Automated Coaching that turns marketing and business development staff into masterful cross-selling coaches 

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  • STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT for coaching lawyers to maximize their cross-opportunities

  • DRIVE LAWYERS INTO ACTION using automated prompts

  • INCREASE CLIENT FEEDBACK by coaching lawyers through a 5 step process

  • AUTOMATED TRACKING minimizes lost opportunities and eliminates cumbersome manual spreadsheets

  • REDUCES need for time-consuming and costly lawyer training

  • TRACKS ROI on cross-selling efforts

  • CUSTOMIZABLE to match your specific cultural needs

  • CLOUD-BASED and scalable

Your staff will be up and running in minutes

As easy as 1, 2, 3:

1: Login

2: Enter cross-selling opportunities

3: Begin coaching

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Cross Serving creates a triple win

For The Marketing/BD Team

Decodes the mystery of how to encourage lawyers to cross-sell and become more collaborative

Provides an easy-to-follow blueprint for coaching lawyers through the process

Simple dashboard shows lawyer progress, pinpoint sticking points, and can show efforts by specific groups

For The Lawyers & Firm

Encourages lawyers to pursue high potential new revenue

Solidifies client relationships

Improves internal collaboration and strengthens firm culture

Single dashboard captures each lawyer’s cross-selling behavior

Encourages lawyers to ask for more, and better, client feedback

For Firm Clients

Receive higher levels of client service

Enhances communication and strengthens the lawyer/client relationship

Obtain greater value from the firm

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